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TIDIER split algorithm works based on dictionaries (see the documentation section for more info); we make available some dictionaries we found useful in our research:
  • acronyms: 105 common acronyms (e.g., CPU, elf, inodd, ...);
  • contractions: 164 common abbreviations such as ptr for pointer or cntr for counter;
  • known functions: these are 492 posix, unix, C, etc. Common functions such as printf, strcat, memcpy, etc;
  • wordnet: these are 168775 English forms derived from wordnet. Only strings longer than two characters are in the dictionary.
Dictionaries can be dowloaded from the the Software Evolution Repository (SER)

TIDIER On-line Link and Use Steps

To run TIDIER via the net, please consult the page Run of this Web site.
  • Step 1: The user has either to specify the predefined dictionary/dictionaries that he wants to use as an input or upload a custom dictionary having a format that follows the already specified criteria;
  • Step 2: The user has to enter the word to split in the text field specified to that;
  • Step 3: The results of the spliting will be displayed on the interface.
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