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MCIS/ PTIDEJ/ SOCCER Research Laboratory facilities are industrial oriented, state-of-the-art unique facilities for the study of software engineering.

We believe that sharing tools, scientific resources, data, software artifacts, material, software systems and code with other research and teaching institutions is vital to foster rapid research development. As sharing Resources, is mutually beneficial, we offer available as-is on line several of the prototype tools developed in the recent years.

You may also be interested to visit our dataset sharing web site, the Software Evolution Repository (SER)
Ecole polytechnique de Montreal Ecole polytechnique de Montreal Ecole polytechnique de Montreal
Soccer   Soccer
Aura+ is descri ption descr iption description descri ption descrip tion desc ription descri ption   PADL Graph Generator Accurate and very precise reverse engineering tool extracting a class diagram from a Java jar into a labeled graph
Soccer   Soccer
Tidier A recent contextual tool for splitting and mapping source code identifiers   MADMatch The fastest and more accurate aproximated graph matching tool
RYM: a tool that provides information about system architecture and licenses.
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